July 14th, 1915

Council Meeting held on Wednesday, July 14th 1915 at 3 pm.

Members Present-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Mr. H. V. Roe, Miss Chapman, Mrs G.K. Grierson, Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson.

Apologies of absence were received from Miss Margaret Ashton, Mrs. Findlay, Miss Ashcroft, Miss Francis, Mrs. Withington, Miss Purcell and Mr. H. V. Herford.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Arising out of the minutes Miss Cox reported that she had had an interview with Mr. H. Roe. Mr. H. Roe had said he did not think the firm were parties to the Sheffield Agreement, and he did not agree that the work done by the women was men’s work. The women were paid wages according to an age scale.

The Secretary gave a financial statement in the Treasurer’s absence.

Miss Cox moved and Mrs. Cooke seconded that Miss Gardner be invited to become a member of the Council.


A letter was read from the Women’s War Interest Committee asking for representation at a conference arranged by them between the Men's Trades and Labour Council, the Women's Trades and Labour Council to be held on July 14th.

Moved by Mrs. Grierson seconded by Mr. H.V. Roe that the following delegates attend on behalf of the Council. Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. B. Tomlinson, Miss Chapman and the Secretary.

Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson gave a report of the work done by the Women’s War Interest Committee.

Sub-Committee minutes were read. The Committee made a recommendation to the Council that a General Union for Women Workers be formed to take in the women working in the Tin Industry.

The Portmanteau Makers had written asking for an interview to discuss the organisation of the women in the Leather Trade.

The women in the Engineering Trade were being organised by Mrs. Dickenson John Dalton Street and by Mr. Fitt of the Workers Union. There was no necessity for any new organisation to be formed.

The Chairman brought forward the advisability of appointing an Assistant Organiser on account of the new work to be undertaken. Mrs. Cooke moved and Mrs. Grierson seconded and carried that a Special Organising Sub-Committee be called to which the Treasurer should be invited and that this Committee be empowered to appoint an Assistant Organiser for three months.

Emily Cox September 8th 1915.