July 11th, 1917

Minutes of E.C. Meeting held July 11th 1917 at 3 o’clock

An apology of absence was received from Mr. Dale.

Members present :- Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. Simon, Miss Ashton, Mrs. Withington, Mrs G.V. Cox, Mr. G.V. Cox, Mr. Herford.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Arising out of minutes it was reported that the Sub-Committee had decided to postpone the jumble sale until September, with the object of trying to get more goods.

Miss Cox reported that Mrs. Charles Renold had offered to lend her garden for a party, but that it could not be arranged until Saturday, September 15th. As this was considered rather late she had written to Mr. C.P. Scott, who had replied saying that he would be very glad to lend his garden for Saturday July 28th. The date had now been fixed.

Miss Cox reported that in consequence of what Mr. Herford had said with regard to finance, the question of the telephone was still in abeyance.

The Treasurer presented the financial report for the first half year, and explained that in view of the present state of the finances, he thought it inadvisable to enter into an agreement for the telephone at the present time. It was moved by Mrs. Findlay seconded by Miss Cox and agreed that having heard the reasons for postponing the decision with regard to the telephone the action of Miss Cox be endorsed. After considerable discussion it was further moved by Mrs. Simon, seconded by Mrs. Cox and carried nem con that the question of the telephone be left until after the garden party, to brought up again at the next meeting.

The financial position of the Council was then discussed, and it was moved by Miss Cox, seconded by Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and agreed that we ask the Trades Council to receive a deputation in order to discuss with them the present position. It was also moved by Mrs. Findlay, seconded by Mr. J.V. Cox and agreed that should the Trades Council agree to the suggestion, Miss Quaile and Mr. Herford act as the Council’s representatives.

A proposal from the War Interests Committe outlining a scheme for uniting the womens trades union forces in Manchester was brought forward by Miss Ashton. She explained that the War Interests Committee was anxious that some agreement should be arrived at, whereby the existing organisations could combine, with the idea of forming one united body. She had decided to invite the War Interests Committee, the Federation, the Trades and Labour Council and the Women’s Trades Union Council to send delegates to an informal meeting at the Ladies Club on July 18th to talk the matter over. It was moved by Miss Cox, seconded by Mrs. Simon and agreed that the invitation be accepted and that Miss Cox, Mrs. Findlay, Mrs. Cox and Miss Quaile attend on behalf of the Council.

A letter was read from the Trades Council asking for delegates to a conference on food prices, to be held on Saturday July 28th . As this was the date fixed for the garden party, it was impossible to send the officials, or any member of the Committee, but it was agreed that we endeavour to find a representative.

The Sub-Committee minutes were read. These showed that several meetings had been held at Hans Renolds, resulting in more members for the Union. A branch of the Federation had been formed at Birtles and Tates, Glass Packers and several meetings had been held.

Industrial Commission. Miss Quaile had had an interview with Judge Parry before the enquiry, and had suggested various organisations to be asked for evidence. She had been appointed on the special Committee from the Manchester Trades Council, giving evidence on June 29th.

Clerks. The women clerks employed by the Manchester Libraries had sent a representative to the offices to enquire about forming a Union and were recommended to join the N.U.C. A special meeting was fixed for Saturday, July 14th at the Clarion café.

It was decided that the Secretaries’ holidays commence on August 4th and that the office be closed on August 6th for a week.

Emily Cox August 1st 1917.