July 10th, 1912

Council Meeting held Wednesday, July 10th 1912 at 3 o’clock.


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss Florence Ashcroft, Mr. Edward Dale, Rev. C. T. Campion, Miss Mary Quaile, Mrs. O.M. Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Mr. Hugh V. Herford and Mr. Graeme Cox.

Minutes. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Finance. In the Treasurer’s absence the monthly financial statement was presented by the Secretary.  

Drawing Room Meetings. Attention was called to the urgent need for receiving further subscriptions. The possibility of arranging a series of Drawing Room Meetings was discussed. Mrs. Findlay promised to consider the holding of a meeting at her house in October.

Sub Committee Minutes. The Sub Committee Minutes were read.

Homeworkers. It was reported that about 80 handkerchief hemmers had given in their names for the Homeworkers’ Association.

Joint Committee. Miss Quaile reported on the meeting of the Joint Committee.

Miss Quaile re-elected G.F.T.U. It was reported that Miss Quaile had been re-elected on the Executive Board of the General Federation of Trade Unions (Insurance Section) for a period of twelve months.

Emily Cox August 14th 1912