January 9th, 1907

Meeting of Council on January 9th 1907 at 7.30pm

Present Miss Margaret Ashton (Chair), Miss Mary Owen (Leather Workers), Miss M. E. Francis (Upholsteresses), Mr. H. V. Herford, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge Secretary, Mr. H. Hughes (Leather Workers).

Apologies. Apologies for absence received from Miss A. Amy Bulley, Miss Gaskell, Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Alice Crompton, Councillor James Johnston.

Resignation. Mrs. Findlay sent in her resignation as member of the Council owing to the impossibility of attending evening meetings of the Council. The letter was received with regret & the Secretary was asked to write to Mrs. Findlay requesting her to reconsider her decision.

Vote of condolence to Miss Bulley. Miss Ashton moved & Mr. Herford seconded a vote of condolence to Miss Bulley on the death of her sister Mrs. Brook. Resolved that a letter be sent to Miss Bulley expressing the sympathy & regret of the members of the Council.

Finance - reduction of overdraft. The Treasurer presented financial statement for the year & announced that the deficit had been reduced within the guarantee limit. Since last Council meeting £13. 2. 6. had been received in grants from Cooperative societies & trade organisations in response to the appeal & £9. 13.0 received from new members and donors.

Annual meeting February 20th. The Secretary reported that arrangements had been made through Councillor Johnston for the Annual Meeting to be held on February 20th in the Lord Mayors Parlour. Tea would be given by the Lady Mayoress as on previous occasions.

Cigarette leaflets and proposed union. The Secretary reported leaflets re-the formation of the union were being circulated in all the cigarette factories & a public meeting would be held at some date early in February. Also that work was still being done for the Midwives Association. Meetings were being held weekly & the membership was increasing.

Alteration of time of Council meetings. The question as to time of Council meetings was then discussed & in view of the very poor attendance of members at the evening meetings it was thought desirable to revert to afternoon meetings. After discussion it was resolved to every third meeting in the evening - the next evening meeting to be held in April.

J. B.Gaskell 5th Feb.1907