January 29, 1918

Minutes of E.C. Meeting held on January 29 at 3.00 pm.

Present:-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss Ashton, Mrs. Findlay, Mrs. Withington, Mrs G.V. Cox, Mr. G.V. Cox, Mr. Herford.

Apology. An apology of absence was received from Miss Ashcroft.

Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Annual Report. The proof copies of the Annual Report for 1917 were read and corrected.

Annual Meeting. It was reported that the Lord Mayor had sanctioned the use of the Lord Mayor’s Parlour for the Annual Meeting on February 13th, and had promised to take the chair. The speakers would be Mrs. Aldridge, Mr. Mellor, Miss Ashton, Mr. W.H. Johnston and Mr. Purcell.

New Council Member. It was moved by Miss Ashton, seconded by Mrs. Cox and agreed that Miss Rogers, Warden of the University Settlement Ancoats, be asked to sit on the Council.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee meeting was fixed for Friday February 8th, as the Auditors had arranged to be at the office on February 1.

Emily Cox. March 18th 1918