January 26th, 1916

A Special Meeting of the Council was held on January 26th 1916.

Members Present Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. Withington, Mr. H. V. Herford.

Annual Report. The proof copies of the Annual Report were read and corrected.

Annual Meeting. The Secretary reported that Sir Daniel McCabe had consented to take the chair at the Annual Meeting. He advised the Council not to wait any longer with a view to holding the meeting in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour as he did not think it will be possible to get the room this year. Mr. Herford read a letter he had received from Mr. Marshall with regard to the Memorial Hall, saying that if the War was not discussed they would reserve the Hall for us on February 9th. The Council objected to these restrictions and it was decided to book the Onward Hall.

Tenant Defence Association and Housing Question. A letter was read from Mr. Mellor of the Tenants Defence Association asking for two delegates to go on a deputation to the Sanitary Committee on the housing question. It was agreed to let the matter lie on the table.

Women’s War Interests’ Conference. A letter was read from the Women’s War Interest Committee asking for two representatives to a conference to be held on February 5th. It was agreed that Mrs Findlay and the Secretary go as the Council’s delegates.

Purchase of Typewriter. Mrs . Findlay moved and Mrs. Withington seconded and it was carried that Miss Cox make an offer of £5 to the Committee of the Anti Vivisection Society for the purchase of a typewriter.

February Meeting. It was agreed not to hold a February meeting of the Council unless the Chairman considered it advisable to do so.

Emily Cox March 8th 1916