January 26th, 1910

Council Meeting held Wednesday, January 26th, 1910 at 3.00 pm

Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. C. J. Spence, Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mrs. Whittaker, Miss Maggie Hall, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. H. V. Roe, Mr. A. A. Purcell, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence received from Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss M. E. Francis, Councillor James Johnston.

Minutes. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Vice Presidents. Letters were read from the Dean of Manchester and the Rev. Dr. Anselm Poock accepting the invitation to become Vice Presidents.

Finance. The financial report for the year ending December 31 1909 was presented by the Treasurer.  

Report 1909. The draft copy of the Report for 1909 was read and discussed in detail and passed for printing.

Annual Meeting. It was reported that the Annual Meeting was arranged for February 8th in the Lord Mayor's Parlour and that Mrs. W. Pember Reeves would be present and speak on “The Compulsory Working of Arbitration Boards.”

Royal Infirmary. Mrs. Cooke moved and Mr. Herford seconded that the following resolution be sent to the Manchester Royal Infirmary:- “That the Women’s Trades Union Council believing the advantage to the large number of women patients of being able to consult women doctors in public institutions has been proved by many years of experience; earnestly protest against the resolution of the Royal Infirmary to exclude women from resident posts on the Infirmary staff and urgently beg the Board to reconsider its decision.”

NW Cooperative Employees' Union. A letter was read from the N.W. Section of the Amalgamated Union of Cooperative Employees appointing Mr. Edward Dale as their representative on the Council.

Clothiers Operatives. A letter was also read from the Amalgamated Union of Clothiers’ Operatives regretting inability to appoint a representative owing to the meetings taking place in the afternoon.

The Sub Committee minutes were read.

Blouse Makers Lockout. This showed a dispute had taken place over a reduction of prices at the Gun Street Manufacturing Company Works, East Street, Moseley St. Manchester. The following letter giving details of the lockout was printed and circulated amongst trade union organisation in the District. Mr.Chas Kean made a specific appeal to the societies affiliated to the Trades and Labour Council. (see document on scanned page)

Two interviews took place with the firm but no modification of the employees terms could be secured and it was stated that a further reduction would be made bringing the price to 2/9 per dozen. No settlement was pressed with the firm and any attempt made for a third interview as within the first fortnight of the majority of the blouse makers were fortunate enough to secure employment in a rival firm and under far better conditions. Picketing was kept up for twelve days with the result that the firm suffered far more inconvenience than the workers. Picketing would not have continued so long had not a solicitor’s letter, on behalf of the firm been received by the Secretary asking for the pickets to be removed immediately. No reply was sent to the letter and the pickets continued their duties for three days longer. In response to the appeal for a special fund £10 was received from Unions affiliated to the Trades and Labour Council. One girl still remained out of employment.

Café Workers. Box Makers. Jewish Tailors During the month special work had been done amongst café workers and box makers and Mrs . Aldridge had spoken at a meeting of Jewish tailors re-the Trades Boards Act at the Derby Hall, Cheetham.

Lily Spence
Feb 9, 10