January 19th, 1904

Council Meeting January 19th 1904

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Cox, Mrs. Cooke, Mr. Johnston, Miss Ashton.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and passed.

The following  persons were elected members of the Council,  Mrs. Conway, Miss Rowton, The Rev. A.  Dale & Mr. T. A. Marr.

A vote of thanks to the auditors was passed.

It was reported that the Bishop had consented to speak at the Annual Meeting.  The Lord Mayor was to preside & the other speakers were Miss Reddish, Miss Crompton & Miss Bulley.  The meeting to be held in the Mayor’s Parlour on February 25th.

The Annual Report was read and passed subject to certain additions & alterations, it was referred to the sub-Committee for final approval.  The accounts of the year were as follows.  See printed summary.

It was reported that a meeting had been held for Winders at Jersey  Street dwellings  at which trade grievances had been discussed.  Miss Cox and  the Secretaries were present.  The wages were very low owing to the fact that the firm had been buying very bad cotton (Hollands) and that 5% had been stopped off the workers' earnings.  This was a custom at Hollands  that was considered unjust.  The Secretaries were requested before anything further was done to see an overlooker who was supposed to be friendly & represent to him how much lower the prices were than they are at Shaws.   

A vote of condolence with Mr. Wilson, on the death of Mrs.Wilson, was passed.

It was arranged that the Council’s meeting for February should lapse as it clashed with the Annual Meeting.

March 1st 1904