January 13th, 1915

Council Meeting held Wednesday, January 13th 1915 at 3 pm

Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. E .W. Simon, Miss J. Basnett, Miss Todd, Mr. H. V. Herford.

Apologies. Apologies of absence received from Mrs. J. J. Findlay and Councillor James Johnston.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Annual Meeting. Arising from the minutes it was reported that the Annual Meeting would be held on Tuesday, February 9th 1915 in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour of the Manchester Town Hall. The Lord Mayor to preside. The Lady Mayoress had kindly offered to provide afternoon tea and Miss Cox was asked to interview the Lord Mayor and to decline the tea with thanks for the kind offer.

Speakers. It was reported that Mrs. Bruce Glasier and Mr. William Marsland would speak at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Report. The proof copy of the twentieth annual report was read and discussed in detail.

Finance The Treasurer presented the financial statement. When the accounts were submitted for the past year Miss Quaile was asked to withdraw. The Treasurer informed the Council that five months salary only was included for Mrs Aldridge. Mrs Aldridge left on leave of absence at the end of June and in spirit of his representations Mrs. Aldridge refused to receive the June salary - £10. Some discussion followed as to whether the Council ought to take advantage of this kind offer in view however of Mrs. Aldridge’s definite wish expressed on the matter it was proposed by Miss Basnett and seconded by Mrs. Simon and carried that the Treasurer be requested to write to Mrs. Aldridge to ask whether it would be agreeable to her for the sum to be entered in the accounts as a special donation.

Salary of Miss Quaile. The question of the salary paid to Miss Quaile was then discussed. It was felt that the whole work now devolving upon her, the salary fixed as Assistant Secretary, though raised at July 1 to £75 was not adequate on the other hand owing to the war the financial outlook of the Council was threatening. There was general agreement as to Miss Quaile’s marked ability and the energy she threw into the work and it was proposed by the Treasurer, seconded by Miss Todd and carried that her salary be advanced to £85 as from January 1st 1915 for such time as Miss Quaile should act as sole Secretary.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee minutes were read. It was reported that several meetings had been held in connection with the Clothiers Union at Newton Heath with very little success.

Humphrey’s Strike. It was reported that a dispute had occurred at Humphrey’s Blouse Manufacturers. 37 girls had struck on account of a blouse priced at 3/-per dozen. An interview with Mr. Humphreys gained a promise of 6d advance on the blouses if the girls promised to go in and complete his present order of 3½ dozen blouses. This was agreed to if the firm would reinstate six girls they had dismissed. After a further interview Mr. Humphreys offered to take back five of the girls, but the other girls still refused to go back without Mrs. Bond, the sixth girl. Mrs. Bond interviewed Mr. Humphrys and expressed her firm resolve not to go back to the firm under the present conditions; she reported the matter to the girls on strike and urged them to return and they therefore resolved to start work the next morning. The strike lasted 3 ½ days. Nearly 40 girls joined the union.

Emily Cox
February 10 1915.