January 13th, 1909

Council Meeting held on Wednesday January 13th 1909 at 7.00pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Mrs. Spence, Miss Margaret Ashton, Mrs. Whittaker, Mr. H.V. Herford, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies . Apologies for non-attendance received from Miss M. E. Francis and Miss Maggie Hall.

Minutes. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Miss Gaskell. A letter was read from Miss Gaskell thanking the Council for their message of sympathy.

Suffrage Meeting at Salford. It was reported that a request had come from the Salford branch of the North of England Suffrage Society asking that a representative from the Council be appointed on the committee to organize a large public meeting in Salford on March 24th. Moved by Mrs. Spence and seconded by Mr. Herford “that the Council cannot officially accede to the request.”

Annual Meeting. It was reported that arrangements had been made for the Annual Meeting to be held in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour on Tuesday February 2nd at 3 o’clock.

Report for 1908. The proof copy of the 1908 Report was submitted to the members. It was read and discussed in detail.

Finance. The financial statement for the month was submitted by the Treasurer.

Councillor A. Purcell invited to join Council. Mr. Herford moved and Councillor Margaret Ashton seconded that Councillor A. A. Purcell be invited to join the Council.

Emily Cox
February 10th 1909.