January 10th, 1917

Minutes of Meeting held on January 10th 1917

An apology of absence was received from Mr. Roe.

Members present:- Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss Ashton, Mrs. Withington, Miss Ashcroft, Mrs. G. V Cox, Mrs. Simon, Mrs Findlay, Mr. G. V Cox, Mr. Dale, Mr. Herford.

Annual Meeting. Miss Cox reported that the Lord Mayor had granted the use of a room in the Town Hall for the Annual Meeting on January 23rd.

The Financial Report was given by the Treasurer.

The Treasurer reported that the question of a War Bonus to the Secretaries had been considered by Miss Cox and himself and that they had decided to grant 5/-a week for the month of December. Miss Ashton moved, Miss Ashcroft seconded and it was agreed that this be endorsed.

Miss Ashton moved Mr. Dale seconded that Miss Quaile’s salary be raised to £105 and Miss Wallwork’s to £90 per year. This was carried.

Miss Cox reported that Miss MacArthur had written stating that it would not be feasible for to visit Manchester until the week commencing January 22nd and that she would arrange to meet the Council some time during that week. It was decided that the Council members present, with the addition of Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, meet Miss MacArthur.

It was decided to put the following points before Miss MacArthur:-

  1. The organisation to be under the direction of the Council
  2.  Body of girls joining belong to Miss MacArthur’s Federation, but affiliated to the Council.
  3. Grant to be made to the Council.

Executive Committe. The question of the election of an Executive Committee was then discussed, and it was moved by Miss Ashton seconded by Mrs. Findlay and unanimously agreed that an Executive Committee of 12, including the officers, be elected by the Council, with power to co-opt two members in the course of the year.

Miss Ashton moved, Mrs. Simon seconded and it was agreed that the Council be summoned twice a year, with special business on the Agenda.

It was agreed that the inclusion of this matter in the Annual Report be left in the hands of the Chairman.

The Annual Report was read and discussed.

Emily Cox February 6th 1917