February 9th, 1917

Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, February 9th 1917 at 3.30

An apology of absence was received from Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and Mrs. Simon.

Members present:-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss Ashton, Mrs. G. V. Cox, Mrs. Withington, Mrs Findlay, Mr. G. V. Cox, Mr. Herford, Mr. Dale.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Miss Emily Cox was unanimously re-elected Chairman of the Council for the year 1917.

 It was moved by Miss Ashton, seconded by Mrs. Withington and agreed that the following members be elected as the Executive committee for 1917:-Miss Emily Cox, Miss Florence Ashcroft, Miss Margaret Ashton, Mrs. G. V. Cox, Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. E. Simon, Mrs. Withington, Mr. G.V. Cox, Mr. Edward Dale, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. Purcell.

It was decided that the sub-Committee as represented, with the addition of Mr. Dale, be elected for the year 1917.

It was reported that the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Council was held at the Town Hall in the Council Chamber, on the afternoon of January 23 at 3.00. Miss Emily Cox presided, and moved the adoption of the report, which was seconded by Mr. J. J. Hallsworth. The officers and Council were elected on the motion of Miss Margaret Bondfield seconded by the Right Rev. Monsignor Poock. A vote of thanks to the Lord Mayor and speakers was moved by Mr. G.K. Grierson, and seconded by Mrs. Anott Robinson.

It was reported that a meeting to stimulate trade unionism among women was being organised by the Women’s War Interests Committee, in the Association Hall, on Wednesday, February 28th and that financial help was required from the organisations taking part in the meeting. It was moved by Miss Ashton, seconded Mrs. Findlay and agreed that the sum of £2.2.0 be granted towards expenses.

The proposals sent to Miss MacArthur with reference to the organisation of women in the Engineering Trade, were read by Miss Cox. It was decided that a small Sub-Committee meet at the office on Monday next to draw up a scheme to be discussed at the Executive Committee meeting on February 14.

The Treasurer gave a financial statement.

A discussion took place on the alliance between employers and employed to deal with the demobilisation and the following resolution was passed:- “That the W. S.T. U. C. regard it as essential that Women’s Unions be invited to any Conference and sit on the Committee dealing with demobilisation.”

The National Union of Women Suffrage Societies had asked for representation of women trade unionists on a deputation to Mr. Lloyd George on the question of Women’s Suffrage, the expenses to be incurred by them. It was moved by Miss Ashton seconded by Mr. Dale and agreed that the Secretaries attend the meeting as the Council’s representatives.

With regard to finance, special stress was raised upon the importance of seeking grants during the coming year, and Mr. Dale undertook to give his assistance in appealing to the Cooperative Societies.

Emily Cox February 14th 1917.