February 22nd, 1911

Special Council Meeting held Wednesday, February 22nd 1911 at 5 o’clock

Attendance. Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mrs. F.M. Eddie, Mrs. J.J. Findlay, Miss Maggie Hall, Miss Mary Quaile, Mr. Herford, Mr. Dale, Councillor Johnston and Mrs Aldridge.

Proposal to appoint an Assistant. The business was to consider a proposal to appoint an Assistant for the Secretary. In view of the work to be undertaken on behalf of the women confectioners, towards the cost of which £25 had been voted by the Amalgamated Union of Bakers and Confectioners extra help would be necessary. It was felt that if the Secretary could be relieved of the routine work in connection with the office, far more time and energy could be devoted by her to the more valuable outside work of organisation.

Miss Ashton moved and Mrs. Eddie seconded that an Assistant be appointed for 3 months for about four hours daily for office duties.  Councillor Johnston moved and Mr. Dale seconded that a Sub Committee consisting of Miss Cox, Miss Ashton, Mr. Herford and the Secretary be appointed to find a suitable person.

Emily Cox

March 8