December 4th, 1906

Council meeting held December 4th 1906 at 3pm.

Present Mr. H. V. Herford (Chair), Miss Julia Gaskell, Miss Emma Littlewood, & the Secretary

Apologies. Letters of apology for non-attendance received from Miss Bulley, Mrs. Cooke, Miss Ashton, Miss Cox, Miss Francis, Councillor T. R. Marr, Councillor Johnston, Miss Crompton, Mrs. Welsh, Mrs Findlay.

Resignation of Miss Hesse. Miss Rona Hesse wrote that owing to leaving M/c permanently she was reluctantly obliged to resign her membership of the Council.

Minutes. Minutes of last meeting read and passed.  

Treasurer's Statement. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer. Since last meeting 2/2/-had been received in new subscriptions and 8/8/6 in grants from Trade Unions and Cooperative Societies.

Anti-Sweating League. In response to a request from the Anti-Sweating League it was agreed to render them all possible assistance at their two meetings in Manchester on December 19th.

Chairmanship of Council. Mr. Herford moved and Miss Gaskell seconded resolution asking Miss Margaret Ashton if she would kindly undertake the Chairmanship of the Council. Agreed.

Shop Assistants and Women's Cooperative Guild representatives on Council. Resolved to invite the central branch of the M/c Shop Assistants and the M/c Women’s Cooperative Guild to be represented on the council.

Annual meeting. The Secretary was instructed to ask Councillor James Johnston if he would again secure the use of the Lord Mayor’s Parlour with hospitality from the Lady Mayoress on the Tuesday of the first or second week in February.

The “Midwives Association” formed December 3rd. The Secretary announced the formation of a new society “The Midwives Association” at the office on December 3rd. 23 members were enrolled. 40 midwives were present. They had expressly desired that their society should be on sound trade union lines. They have many grievances in their profession, which in their unorganised condition they were powerless to redress.

Cigarette makers request assistance. A request was received from the Men Cigarette Makers of M/c asking the Council’s assistance in the organisation of the women & girls in their trade. Mrs. Aldridge was instructed to see the Men’s representatives and if advisable undertake the work.

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