December 11th, 1907

Council Meeting held Wednesday December 11th 1907 3 o’clock

Attendance. Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Lady Schwann, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Horsfall, Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. F. M. Eddie, Mr. Herford, Mrs Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance from Miss Ashton, Miss Crompton, Miss Gaskell, Miss M. Smith, Miss M. E.Frances and Councillor Johnston.

Minutes. Minutes of the last Council Meeting read and confirmed.

Resignation of Mrs. Conway. A letter resigning membership of the Council was read from Mrs. Conway. Much regret was expressed and the Secretary was asked to write to Mrs. Conway asking her to reconsider her decision.

Finance. The Treasurer reported on the month’s finance. The response to the appeal to the trade organisations of the district had been good and several new grants and subscriptions had been received.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Minutes of the Organisation Sub-Committee were read and showed that:- much work had been undertaken during the month both with the Unions connected with the Council and outside organisations. A meeting of the Actors’ Union. The Cap Makers’ Union had requested assistance in forming a women's branch of the Union. Lady Schwann, Miss Emily Cox and Mrs Aldridge had attended a meeting of cap makers at Cheetham. Steps had been taken towards the arrangement of the proposed conference re-Wages Boards. The National Anti Sweating League and the Manchester Trades and Labour Council had been invited to cooperate with the Council.

Affiliation of Unions in the District. On the recommendation of the Sub-Committee it was resolved on the motion of Miss Emily Cox and Lady Schwann “that in order to strengthen the usefulness and representative character of the Council an effort be made to induce trades unions round Manchester, which include women in their membership, to affiliate with the WTUC, that they be asked to pay a yearly sum of 5/-and any further grant they can see their way to make.” Unanimously agreed. A list of trades was submitted and the Secretary was asked to approach the Unions as early as possible.

Change of meeting day. The suggestion made at the last Council Meeting that the time of meeting be changed to the second Wednesday in the month was approved.

National Anti-Sweating League. Correspondence was received from Mr. Mallon of the National Anti-Sweating League asking the Council not to proceed with the proposed conference on the ground that further discussion, after the recent conference organized by the League, was unnecessary and asking for an opportunity to meet the Council. The correspondence was left in the hands of the Sub-Committee to be dealt with by them at their next meeting on Monday, December 16th.

Emily Cox
January 8th 1908.