Biographies of Council Members and the Organising Secretaries.

This is a list of those who attended the Council meetings, either as Council members or as paid employees. Some people attended just a few meetings, others were regular attenders year after year. Most meetings of the Council were attended by six to eight people. By using the search facility on the website you can identify which meetings the members attended. If we have missed anyone out, please let us know.

In some cases we have some biographical information and these have been placed first. In many cases we have little or no information and these have been placed further down. We would welcome additional information about these. Please contact us using the contact form

Margaret was born on 19 January 1856 into a wealthy mill-owning family who were Unitarians and s

Organising Secretary 1895-1904

Organising Secretary 1900-1904

Agnes Amy Bulley was born on 20 April 1852 in New Brighton, on the Wirral.  She attended Newn

Christabel Harriette Pankhurst  was born on 22 September 1880 at 1 Drayton Terrace, Old Traffor

Organising Secretary 1911 to 1919

She was born in Montrose on 8 June 1874. She trained as a teacher.

Organising Secretary 1904 – 1915

Organising Secretary 1895-1900

Julia  was the youngest   daughter of Mrs.

Temporary Organising Secretary May 1913

Sarah Reddish (1850-1928)  was born in Bolton and,  like most young women in the town,  went int

Humphrey Verdon Roe was born in Manchester on 18 April 1878.

She was an elected  Poor Law Guardian in Manchester.   Katherine  and four  other women were emp

Charles Ernest Schwann (1844  - 1929)  attended Owen’s College in Manchester and afterwards Un

Elizabeth Duncan married  C. E.  Schwann in 1876.