August 16th, 1916

Council Meeting held August 16th 1916 at 3 pm.

Members present Miss Emily Cox (in the chair), Mrs. Simon, Miss Ashcroft, Mr. Herford.

Apologies of absence were received from Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and Mrs. Withington.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Arising out of the minutes a letter was read from Miss Lees saying that she did not think Oldham a suitable place for a meeting, but that she thought the National Union of Women Workers would be glad to have a speaker to address them. As it was thought that Miss Lees had not quite understood the nature of the request, which was for a drawing room meeting, the matter was left in the hands of Miss Cox to communicate with Miss Lees again.

Miss Cox gave a report on the meeting held by the Trades and Labour Council. A small Sub-Committee had been formed, on which Miss Quaile was appointed, and arrangements were in hand for the convening of a conference, on the question of the increased cost of food and coal. The date suggested for this was Saturday, September 16th. Professor Fred Hall and Mr. Stephen Walsh were to be invited to address the conference.

The Sub-Committee minutes were read. It was reported that the women employed at Messrs. Evans had received the back money owing to them, and that all the workers in the shop (men and women) had applied for a war bonus of 5/-per week. A further appeal had been sent to the two Men’s Unions asking for financial assistance to cover the amount paid to the women when out of work, but up to the present no replies had been received.

It was reported that an interview had taken place with Mr. Kenyon (Tin Box Works) asking for an increase of 3/-a week to the girls employed on standing wages. Mr. Kenyon said he could not see his way to grant the amount asked for, and offered 1/-a week, which was accepted by the girls.

A letter had been received from James Dewsnap of Sheffield, saying they could not grant the advance of 3/-a week, but that they would be willing to arrange for the Secretary to interview their Directors if she cared to discuss the matter with them. This offer had been accepted.

Emily Cox September 13th 1916