August 12, 1908

Council Meeting held Wednesday, August 12, 1908 3.00pm


PresentMiss Emily Cox (Chair) ,Mrs. Ashwell Cooke ,Mr. H. V. Herford ,Mrs Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies. Apology for absence submitted from Mrs. Tomlinson.

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting read and passed.

Right to Work Demonstration. A letter was read from the Manchester IL P asking the Council to take part in a “Right to Work Demonstration” to be held on August 23rd in Heaton Park. After discussion it was resolved in the motion of Mr. Herford and Miss Cox “that as financial responsibility would be involved the Council are unable to consider the question of cooperation.”

Suffrage Demonstration. A letter was also read from the North of England Society for Women’s Suffrage asking the Council to appoint delegates on a “Joint Committee” for organising a Suffrage Demonstration in the Free Trade Hall on October 23rd and a procession from Albert Square to Alexander Park on October 24th.

Miss Cox moved and Mr. Herford seconded “that the Council take part in the proposed demonstration provided no financial responsibilities are incurred on the Council funds and that none of the Secretary’s time be spent in the organisation. Miss Alice Crompton and Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke were appointed to represent the Council on the Joint Committee.

Mrs. Spence. Miss Cox moved and Mrs. Cooke seconded that Mrs. Spence be asked to join the Organisation Sub Committee of the Council.

Special Appeal for Victimised Corset Makers. The Secretary reported that the sum of £2.11.0 had been received in response to the appeal made on behalf of the victimised corset makers. This, added to the amount granted from the Emergency Fund, had enabled the 3 girls to receive 11/-for week during the times they were out of employment. Two of the girls had secured work and the other expected to be employed in a few days time.  

Organisation Report. The Organisation Report showed that daily visits had been made to Sewing-machinists works during the month, leaflets had been distributed and small informal dinner hour meetings held.

The Sewing Machinists’ Association and the Corset Makers’ Trade Union had decided to amalgamate as the members felt that the workers would more readily join a large organisation.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Agreed that as the Secretary would be absent during September the next meeting be held in October.

Emily Cox
October 14th 1908