August 10th, 1914

A Special Meeting of the Council was held on Monday, August 10th 1914 at 11.15 am

Members Present. Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss M. Ashton, Miss Bailey, Mr. P. M. Oliver, Mrs. E. Simon, Mr. H. V. Herford, Miss Foster, Miss Ashcroft, Miss Guffick, Mr. A. A. Purcell.

Apologies for absence. Apology of absence were received from Mrs. J.J . Findlay, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and Mr. G.V. Cox.

Miss Gardiner’s appointment. The following resolution was moved by Mr. H. V. Herford and seconded by Miss Margaret Ashton:- “That owing to the serious prospect before the Council of diminished income from subscriptions and grants from Trade Unions etc. caused by the War, it is necessary to curtail expenditure. The Council regrets that it is compelled to terminate the engagement of Miss Gardiner as Secretary pro tem, due to begin September 1st, and request the Treasurer to forward to her one month’s salary.”

Special Sub-Committee and employers. It was resolved that a Sub-Committee be formed to interview employers to induce them to shorten hours in preference to discharging of their work people. Moved by Mr. Purcell seconded by Mr. P. M. Oliver “That the following members be elected to the committee:-Miss Emily Cox, Miss M. Ashton, Mr. Purcell, Mr. P. M. Oliver, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mrs. E. Simon, Miss F. Guffick, and Miss. M.Quaile.” Moved by Miss Ashcroft and seconded by Miss Kay Bailey and carried.

Manchester Local Committee for Relief of Distress. It was resolved that a letter be sent to the Lord Mayor of Manchester asking that two representatives of this Council should be appointed on the Executive Committee to be formed locally to deal with distress caused by the war, moved by Mrs. E. Simon seconded by Mr. P.M. Oliver.

Emily Cox

September 9th 1914