April 4th, 1905

Council Meeting held on April 4th 1905


Miss Margaret Ashton (chair), Miss Crompton, Miss Emily Cox, Miss Julia Gaskell, Miss Rosa Hesse, Miss Esplin, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Findlay , Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Hadden, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. T. R. Marr, O. M. Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies. Letters of apology for non attendance were read from Miss Bulley & Rev. F.F .James.

Minutes. Minutes of last meeting read & confirmed.

Sub-Committee Minutes. Miss Emily Cox read Sub-Committee Minutes.

Rent of Office. The Treasurer reported that he had arranged with the Scottish Provident Association to pay an inclusive rent of £21 per annum for use of office.

Correspondence. Fancy Leather Workers. Mr. Fisher (Secretary Fancy Leather Workers Union) wrote making appreciating comments on the lecture on “Ideal Condition of Labour”. He also invited the Council to assist in the organisation of women in the Fancy Leather Trade.  

Lancs & Cheshire Union of Women’s Liberal Association. On behalf of the Lancs & Cheshire Union of Women’s Liberal Association Miss Margaret Ashton asked for postponement of the commencement of their tenancy of office from March 31st to June 1st. This was agreed , also that rent £5. 5 per annum commence from that date & be paid quarterly. In event of terminating the tenancy one month’s notice be given.

Finance. A short financial statement was made by the Treasurer. A discussion followed as to ways & means of increasing the Council’s income. The matter was left over for next meeting, Members being asked to come prepared with lists of possible subscribers. The Treasurer stated that about £60 additional annual income was needed.

“Shaftesbury Trust Lecture”. The Secretary reported that Shaftesbury Trust Lecture had been held at the Co-operative Hall, Downing Street, March 29th, Mr. Budgett Meakin speaking on “Ideal Conditions of Labour”. The meeting was well attended.

Confectioners. The Secretary also reported that a meeting of women employed in Confectionery Trade would be held shortly with object of the formation of a union.

India Rubber Workers. Also that much visiting amongst the India Rubber workers had been done.


A. Amy Bulley