April 3rd, 1916

Minutes of Executive Committee held on April 3rd.

Apologies of absence were received from Miss Ashton and Mrs. Withington.

Members present:-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. Findlay, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mr. G. V. Cox, Mr. Herford, Mr. Dale.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Arising out of the minutes, and Treasurer was asked to forward the £2.2.0 promised towards the expenses in connection with the Trade Union meeting organised by the Women’s War Interests Committee.

A financial report was given by the Treasurer.

Correspondence:-a letter was read from Miss MacArthur confirming the arrangements made re-the organisation of women in the Engineering trade, and enclosing a cheque for £20.00 for the first three months working, the agreement to date from April 1st 1917. Miss Cox and the members of the Sub-Committee were asked to draw up a memorandum of Agreement, to be signed by Miss MacArthur and the Council.

Miss Quaile reported that Mrs. Pearson had interviewed Messrs. Kenyon’s with regard to obtaining a Leaving Certificate for one of the members of the Tin Box Workers Union, instead of reporting the matter to this office.  Mrs. Pearson had explained that the girl had been sent to her by the Munitions Tribunal. Miss Quaile was instructed to see the Clerk to the Tribunal, and point out the girls belonging to our Union should be sent to us.

The Sub-Committee minutes were read. These showed that many meetings had been held in the Tin Box and Woodworking trades. An interview had been held with Kenyon’s Tin Box Works, with regard to an increase in wages, but it was found that the girls were getting fairly paid , and the demand was refused. The question of advances in the Woodworking trade was in abeyance, the matter being still in the hands of the Ministry of Munitions. The Carpenters and Joiners had recommended that a demand for 7d an hour be made.

An interview had been held with Messrs. Dewsnaps, Sheffield, and advances from 9d to 1/6 a week had been granted, the forewoman having been given an advance of 7/6 a week.

With regard to Hans Renolds, the bonus system had been changed to 1/6 a week for all girls in 203 department instead of a few receiving 8/-or 9/-a week.

There was a national demand for an advance of 2d per hour for all women working in the Engineering trade.

It was decided to hold the Sub-Committee meetings on the first Friday in each month at 11.30 am and the E.C. meetings at the usual time.

Emily Cox May 9, 1917