April 12th, 1916

Council Meeting held Wednesday, April 12th at 3.00 pm.

Members Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Withington, Miss Gardner, Miss Guffick, Miss Ashcroft, Mr. H. V. Herford.

Apology of absence was received from Miss Margaret Ashton.

The minutes were read and passed.

Arising out of the Minutes Miss Cox reported upon the Women’s War Interest Conference held on March 18th.

Mr. Herford reported an interview he had had with the landlord on the question of allowing the Anti Vivisection Society to use the office of the W.T. U.C. A suggestion had come from the landlord that the Council should pay an increased rent of £5.00 per year. Mr. Herford had received a further suggestion agreeing to the arrangement with the A.V. Society provided we pay the landlord £2.10.0. out of the proposed £5.00 to be paid by the A.V. Society. Moved by Mr. Herford, seconded by Mrs. Findlay and carried that we had pay £2.10.0.

The Secretary reported an interview with Mr. Davies of the A.U.C.E. on the position of his Union and the Joint Committee for the Abolition of Non Union Labour in the Cooperative Movement. The Council decided not to appoint a representative on the Committee.

The Treasurer gave a financial report.

Correspondence. A letter was read from Professor Tout persisting in previous attitude and severing his connection with the Council. A letter was read from Professor J. J. Findlay withdrawing his resignation as a subscriber to the funds of the Council.

A letter was written read from the Women’s Defence Corps asking the Council to take part in a procession of Women War Workers. Miss Gardner moved, Miss Ashcroft seconded and it was carried that the Council being unable to accept the invitation itself suggests that it be referred to the Joint Committee of Women’s Trade Unions.

Miss Cox reported that the A.V. Society will let us have the type writer for £5 on the condition that they can buy it back if wanted.

The Secretary reported that the Council would be asked to nominate a representative for the local Naval and Pensions Committee. Mrs. Withington moved and Miss Guffick seconded and it was carried that Mrs. Findlay’s name go forward as the Council’s representative.

The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Meetings had been attended at St. Helens on behalf of the Clothiers' Union, and the prices paid in two of the shops had been investigated and a deputation to the firms arranged. Much work had been done with the Tin Box factories and it was proposed to hold a social evening to try and bring in members from some of the other shops. The Clerks had had several small meetings of women in Openshaw and it was proposed to hold a large meeting in the Clarion Café.

The Corset Makers and Sewing Machinists had taken a ballot of its members on the question of amalgamation with the Garment Workers Union. The voting was 114 for and 14 against amalgamation.

Mrs. Findlay moved Miss Gardner seconded and it was carried that the Council should share expenses of the Tin Box Workers social up to £1.0.0.

Miss Ashcroft gave a report of the Confectioners' Union. As soon as the Women’s Organiser could be spared from Sheffield she would be sent to Manchester. The Union had written to Manchester Employers asking for a war bonus of 3/-per week.

Emily Cox May 10th 1916.